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The Grand Granite Diaspora SACCO’s (GGDS) mission is to achieve short and long term social and economic goals of the members. Our SACCO is a financial bridge that empowers our members to realize their financial goals and objectives. The SACCO mission and vision allow individuals to transcend into greater heights. We collaboratively work with members to establish their financial aspirations from the moment of joining the Grand Granite Diaspora SACCO into retirement. We strive for member unity and work side by side as partners to reach individual financial freedom for many generations to come. As a GDDS society, we believe in safeguarding and preserving the environment for future generations and to achieve our social and economic goals. The Grand Granite Diaspora SACCO is a member owned and run society that taps its strengths and the foundation from individuals who believe in the SACCO core values for the well-being of our members.

Our Mission

Our mission transcends into greater financial heights driven by our members’ endless social and economic goals. Our financial achievement starts from within each of us.


The Grand Granite Diaspora SACCO encourages the building of member savings and development mindset. The GGDS helps members to build resources needed to provide financial independence. Your small monthly saving contributions would quickly build liquidity, or the capital required to fund your long-term project. The society endeavors to provide savings and credit and investment services for our members. Our committees, board, and members are transparent and would attend to your personal goals toward attaining your lifelong financial freedom. We are led by referrals to embed in our core values of a common bond. Join us and together “we’ll transcend into greater financial heights”.

Our Vision

The Grand Granite Diaspora SACCO translates into member unity for “our members and our society”. We serve our members from the onset. Our members’ social and economic wellbeing starts with us and continues through retirement to be passed onto future generations. We’re bound by our mission that propels our members to make forward looking financial decisions. Our core values redefine what we can achieve as a team; to build and realize member financial empowerment. We are connected to our motto and the team spirit and are responsive to members’ financial aspirations. We, the Grand Granite Diaspora SACCO, collaborate with our communities and coexist with our planet. We’ll achieve our social and economic goals by safeguarding and preserving our planet. Together we’ll transcend into greater financial heights.

Our Products


Education Committee

The Education Committee shall consist of five to nine members of the committee, none of whom shall be an Executive officer.


Supervisory Committee

This committee which consists of five members is responsible for conter-checking the effectiveness of the society's internal control systems as well as the efficiency of all its internal processes.


Marketing committee

Our team consists of three committee members and three regional marketing representatives, with a built-in reputation for outstanding customer service skills. We focus on grand ideas, a granite base consequently transcending into greater financial heights.


Savings Account

Our financial achievement starts from within us. Our Vision: Our members our society Us, the Grand Granite Diaspora SACCO, we serve our members from the onset.

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